Thursday, 4 February 2010

CRM 4.0 outlook client performace issue


Many of you must have encounterd CRM 4.0 outlook client performance issue. CRM in outlook client works very slowely and takes more than a min just to open a record.

There are various blogs and articles available on that. Microsoft has also launched a lot of patches to fix this issue. Reviewed this white paper, which provided a number of best practices for optimizing and maintaining Microsoft Dynamics CRM. But these patches and articles works for specific issues in crm for outlook client.

Recently i also had the same issue with all the users for a client. CRM works fine in web browser, but crawls in outlook client. I did a lot of research, tried all the hotfixes, unistall and reinstall CRM for outlook client many times. But nothing worked.

Then by chance i thought to look at the rgistery on the client machine as whats been created in MSCRMClient folder at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSCRMClient and found that the value for ServerURL and WebAppURL keys was not correct.

I tried to browse the URL mentioned in these keys through web browser and guess what response was same as i was experiencing in outlook client. Very very slow.............Although it opened the application, but took a long time to open the default page.

Then i changed the URL in these keys to the actual CRM URL, we use to browse in web browser, restarted my outlook and CRM works like a treat. It was working same as it is working in web browser. This may not apply to everyone, but worth checking these two key values on client machine.

May be this fix your problem too...

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